featured artists: Herman Lohe

Swedish, B. 1967

 “All of my art is really about conveying emotions. It can be a landscape painting or a video installation but basically it is about how to touch upon the eternal questions of joy, sorrow, life and death. It is about one's existence and the basic needs. It is also about our primary emotional connection to the natural world, nature and our surroundings. Through my art, I try to convey these emotions.

The viewer is an equally important part of the artwork as the actual content of the work itself. Both feed from each other and it´s within that connection that something sacred could happen, a highly personal experience between the viewer and the piece of work.

The creative process is about making decisions and in a way also to take a stand where each brush stroke is equally important, where every layer of paint and touch must have a nerve. Material handling of whatever medium is as important as the motives.” – Herman Lohe, 2017



2010                Digital printing DPC Mitthögskolan, Sweden

2004                Media Producing: Targeting Arts and Media, Örnsköldsvik, Sweden

2001                Gävle Art School, Sweden


Selected Awards:

2007                Göran Dahlberg Scholarship for visual arts

2007                ‘Sparbanken’ Foundation Art Scholarship


Public Collections:

Sollefteå Municipality, Sweden

Härnösand Municipality, Sweden

Örnsköldsvik Municipality, Sweden

Västerbotten County Council, Sweden

Västernorrland County Council, Sweden

Umeå Municipality, Sweden

Sundsvall County Hospital, Sweden

Werfenweng Sculpture Park, Austria



2010-ongoing  Getberg Schule, Austria

2009                “To Landscape” Austrian-Swedish Exchange

2008                Initiator and coordinator “The Graphics Biennal 5+5”           


Selected Solo Exhibitions:

2015                Second floor Gallery, Sweden

2012                Brynge Art Gallery, Sweden

2011                Sollefteå Art Gallery, Sweden

2011                Gallery VOX, Sweden

2006                Örnsköldsvik Museum and Art Gallery

2006                Gallery 1 Sweden



Selected Solo Exhibitions (contd.):

2005                Härnnösand Museum and Art Gallery, Sweden

2001                Gallery K, Gävle, Sweden

2000                Hällefors Art Gallery, Sweden



Selected Group Exhibitions:

2016                Before and After, Orion Contemporary, London

2015                Murberget County Museum and Art Gallery, Sweden

2011                University of Applied Arts, Vienna, Austria

2010                Örnsköldsvik Museum and Art Gallery, Sweden

2009                Kramfors Art Gallery, Sweden

2007                Hangar Project, Sweden

2007                Y salon, Sweden

2003                Town Hall, Örnsköldsvik, Sweden

2001                Hälsingland Museum, Sweden

2000                Gävle Konsthall, Sweden










show biography
Oil on canvas
size: 109 x 109cm.
Untitled evening atmosphere
Oil on canvas
size: 110 x 100cm
Untitled Night
Oil on canvas
size: 110 x 100cm.
Untitled Summer
Oil on canvas
size: 80 x 100cm.
Untitled Summer 2
Oil on canvas
size: 80 x 80cm.